About Stephanie
I am an international lawyer specializing in environmental, trade, and natural resources law. I have lived and worked internationally for most of my professional life and now live in Washington, DC.

My career started fresh out of university as a Peace Corps volunteer working on agro-forestry projects and small business development. After Peace Corps, I was convinced that I would work and travel in other parts of the world. As it happened, travel yes, work no. Between traveling in Asia, Europe and North and South America, I set my bags down in West Africa where I stayed intermittently for seven years.  There, I worked in a variety of roles,  including as a Legal Advisor to the Government of Liberia  on natural resources concessions;  with a small environmental law NGO on environmental justice issues;  and as an Envoy to the European Commission on forestry, law, governance and trade.

I am an outdoor enthusiast, passionate about running, playing music, and environmental issues and can usually be found at a party, trying to convince people to think more about economic development, social impact, and sustainability.

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