Special Series: Business and Human Rights

Our Special Series explores critical questions around the fast-evolving field of Business and Human Rights.

We’ll be publishing during and directly following the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, Geneva, Dec 1-4 2014.

We address questions at the very core of the motivations and models behind business engaging with human rights as well the current framework of international law and voluntary codes. With technology at center stage in current discussions, we also highlight new innovations that are being put in place by businesses to help them and other actors ensure protection of rights in the countries where they operate.


December 2, 2014: What do handbags have to do with counter-insurgency?

December 3, 2014: Can Small Business Entrepreneurs in conflict countries provide for basic rights?

December 5, 2014: Opinions Diverge on the Need for an International Binding Agreement on Human Rights and Business at the 3rd Forum on Human Rights and Business

December 17, 2014: Business benefits from human rights violations, right? Wrong.

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